Crane rail Fastening System from China

Crane rail Fastening System from China

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crane rail clips

crane rail clips

Crane rail fastener system, also known as a crane rail fixing system, is used to fix the crane rail. Glory Rail is a company specializing in the production and supply of rail materials, we can provide professional crane rail fastener system solutions, as well as design, production, installation, and maintenance services.

The crane rail fastening system of Glory Rail can be widely used in railway lines, steel mills, ports, wharves, shipbuilding, mining, coking, power, metallurgy, and other industries.

What’s more, we are also cooperating with Gantrex and Gantrail to provide the crane rail fastening system. It helps to solve the problem of crane track damage caused by the traditional hard track fixing system and prolongs the service life of the track system.

Main products & services:

  • GANTREX and GANTRAIL clip fixing systems;
  • GANTREX and GANTRAIL elastomers pad & steel reinforced resilient pad
  • Continuous steel tie plate & non-continuous steel tie plate
  • Crane rails under different standards;
  • Various standard & non-standard track accessories;
  • Aluminum heat welding;
  • Provide track design and installation technical services.

Crane rail clip

  • Bolted Type: 3224/ 3112/ 3116/ 3120/ 3124
  • Welded Type: 9124 /9116 /9120/ 9220/ 1116/ 1216
  • Rail Pad: Mk2/ Mk7
  • Applicable Rail Type: A65/ A100/ A120/ JIS37/ JIS50/ JIS60/ QU80/ QU70/ QU120/ UIC54/ UIC60 etc

Crane rail pad

The crane rail pad is one of the three key ingredients in achieving a reliable track. Both elastomers pad and steel reinforced resilient pad are available in continuous length and individual length to suit the sole plate. The steel reinforced resilient pad can ensure high lateral stiffness and prevent movement from below the rail.

  • Can be supplied for any crane or railway rail
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Improved load distribution
  • Reduced rail wear
  • Reduced fatigue failure

Steel tie plate

As the main component of the track system, the type and shape of the steel tie plate will differ according to different projects: Due to the steel structure bearing surface, there’re continuous steel tie plate or the non-continuous steel tie plate optional for use.

The continuous steel tie plate provides continuous support to the underside of the track.

The non-continuous steel tie plate structure uses a separate small steel plate base to provide support for the underside of the track.

The size of the steel tie plate, as well as the spacing between clips, will depend on the actual working conditions of the project and the distribution of the wheel pressure of the crane.

Glory Rail can supply steel tie plate solutions according to the specific technical requirements of the user and the actual situation on site.

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