Light Steel Rail damage

Light Steel Rail damage

light steel rail

Light Steel Rail damage refers to breakage, cracks, and other damages. It affects and limits the performance of the rail.
In order to facilitate statistics and analysis of steel rail damage. The rail damage needs to be classified. According to the location of the damage on the rail section. The appearance of the damage and the cause of the damage. It is divided into nine categories and 32 types of damage. Which are categorized by two-digit numbers. Cause of injury. The specific content of rail damage classification can be found in the “Railway Engineering Technical Manual (Track)”.
Rail breakage refers to one of the following conditions:

The full section of the rail is broken into at least two parts. The crack has penetrated the entire section of the rail head or the bottom of the rail. The top surface of the rail has a drop of more than 50mm and a depth of more than 10mm. The broken rail directly threatens the safety of driving and should be replaced in time. Rail cracking means that apart from the rail breakage, part of the rail material is separated to form cracks.

There are many types of rail damage, common ones include abrasion, peeling, rail head nuclear damage, rail waist bolt-hole cracks, etc.

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